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About us

GoldenEmbryo Technologies is an avant-garde software services company in the domain of Business Intelligence & Analytics. We help companies better their Performance by effective use of latest cutting-edge technology like Genetic Algorithm ,Heuristics, Artifical Intelligence,Neural Networks. We help the manufacturing and Services sector with their Logistics & Supply Chain Management programs ,which accelerate their performance to world-class levels. The Optimization Engine rightly configured enables various Manufacturers & Service Providers to identify, understand reduce sources of variability. By combining the talents of manufacturing veterans with operations research scholars from leading Institutes, GoldenEmbryo Technologies have developed Optimization engine ™ which overcomes the obstacles of implementing advanced Optimization techniques in almost every areas of Business Operations where people were previously unable to manage their resources against activities with Multiple dependencies & constraints. GoldenEmbryo Technologies helps optimize, execute, monitor, analyze large size operations.


GoldenEmbryoTechologies helps manufacturers & service Providers use advanced Technologies incorporating Genetic Algorithm ,Heuristics, Artifical Intelligence,Neural Networks & various other combinatorial Techniques through Optimization Engine™ to significantly accelerate the performance of their manufacturing & service operations. GoldenEmbryo Technologies' mission is to overcome the obstacles of implementing advanced production techniques in manufacturing environments like the Pharmaceuticals Sector, Electronics, Industrial products,Discrete Manufacturing ,Textiles and Apparel, Metal and Steel Industries. GoldenEmbryo Technologies is proud to have worked with Glaxo Smith Kline,HLL( Uniliver Group),Ispat steel ,KSB Pumps,Purolator,Biozak Inc, Raymonds helping them eliminate wastage and continuously improve efficiencies tied to production and customer demand.

Market Opportunity

Across the entire world ,Companies focus has shifted to improving Manufacturing Performance,which is identified as a key element in their competitive differentiation. It is a important parameter that measures and predicts business performance and signals the survival of the fittest and leanest ,ensuring superior customer service. It started with emphasis on quality where quality certifications Like Six-sigma ,kaizen,ISO9000 became the Industry standard. 

Survival in today's economy requires techniques that eliminate wastage, continuously improve efficiencies tied directly to customer demand. Until now it's been difficult to implement these methodologies in highly manufacturing/service environments. As organizations shift their business models operating strategies toward a performance-driven supply chain, GoldenEmbryoTechnologies provides users the opportunity to outpace competition by lowering inventory costs, reducing cycle times improving on-time delivery, reducing redundancy in resources, better Demand Planning & Market Forecast which finally boils down to better utilization of resources for set activities within limited scope, constraint in almost every environment that any Business organization operates.


GoldenEmbryo is a company full of only the brightest most innovative individuals we value the contributions of each & every team members.

Aniruddha Mookherjee
Has over 13 years of Experience in Corporate Business with major Companies like Paharpur Group, Tata Investment Corporation, Neilsoft & his last assignment was as the Country Manager for Magic Software Enterprises CRM & Call Centre initiatives. He has been instrumental in several turnarounds & strategic decisions leading to several Global contracts. He is a M.Sc. (Earth Science) & MBA from Pune University MBA Programme Centre (PUMBA). Aniruddha looks after overall Business Activities, Strategic plans & new initiatives.

Srinivas Chillara
Srinivas overlooks mainly in the area of software engineering process definition implementation for open systems. He also is very keen in the application of refactoring, particularly Java code, to raise the level of development effort in terms of speed quality of construction. A BTech (Bachelor of Technology) in Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, India has an MSc (Master of Science) in Information Systems Engineering from Reading University, UK. He has over 7 years of experience in the IT industry has worked within various technical areas domains. He has played various roles while employed at companies like IONA, PACE software Citicorp. He is well versed with the XP methodology the standard waterfall model of software development (CMM). Srinivas has had occasion to experience work-cultures in India, UK, US Ireland. He is an avid reader, an aimless traveler.

Dr.Ryan Baidya
Dr. Ryan Baidya is an MS from IIT- Kanpur; PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Biochemistry, & MBA from San Jose State University. Dr. Baidya is founder & President of BioZak, Inc. One of The fastest growing Biotech Company of the Silicon Valley & is also declared as the Thought Leader for the Bio-Sector by Frost & Sullivan. He has experience in the bio-business fields for over 15 years.He has spent a short period at Genprobe, a DNA diagnostic company. As a Group leader corporate liaison, he developed pioneered an innovative technology for DNA chips at Hyseq, Inc. He then went on to hold an interim director of Technology Development position in 1999 at GeneAsia, Inc. Dr Baidya is also one of the founders of ARKAGEN, Inc. a gene-therapy company. Dr. Baidya serves as advisor to several technology-based companies GoldenEmbryo Technologies P Limited, Pune, India (he is also responsible for our initiative in Bio-Informatics) CEMAC corp., India, BCI Ltd, Japan Titan corp. USA.

Mr.Deepak Bhende
Mr.Deepak Bhende has 20 years' experience in Information technology. Designing managing high-performance critical business systems on diverse platforms industries in information technology utilizing CMM RUP.Currently heading world's leading financial Institution based out Of USA(mission critical).Prior to this he has his stints at senior Positions in AT&T Bell Labs,U.S.Trust Company, Readers' Digest etc.His current responsibility is apart from Technology at GoldenEmbryo, he is also responsible for "Optimization Engine" foray into The Financial sector.

Pinaki Dasgupta
A Chemical Engineer From UDCT,Mumbai & MMS from Mumbai is an ex Compaq veteran & performance award winner three consecutive years for achievement the Pinnacle Club Award from COMPAQ in UK. Having 14 years of experience coordinating projects, promoting marketing strategies in SAP & AS 400 Business Environment.Pinaki Looks after Business Operations for UK & European Market.