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CPG industry can be characterized by the single most unique feature of high capacities and high volumes in production. The other feature is mass production at low sales margins. Because of these needs, high efficiency, waste minimization and cost containment are the most important operative objectives in this industry. GoldenEmbryo Technologies has come up to help this industry with its revolutionary Optimization Engine for CPG industry solution which will help businesses in this industry to achieve these goals.


Optimization Engine for CPG industry is used to define production standards, plan capacity and material requirements, define production rates, cost modeling, performance measurements, and to collect detailed product costs. A production model combines formula or recipe requirements and operational information into a single model. Since a production model contains a complete definition of all resources required for production, it easily accommodates unique process requirements, including:

  • Formulas and routings that may vary slightly based on a process schedule
  • Analyzing fluctuations in yield
  • Recycles
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Labor and equipment planning
  • Co-product and by-product production

These can include anything that the user wishes to record, analyze, cost or plan by (e.g. Raw Materials, Packing Materials, Labor, Machines, Energy, Produced Resources, By-Products, Co-Products, Waste, Scrap, Recycles etc.). Stages are the lowest level at which you require to report and analyze yield, production and consumption.

In most fast moving consumer goods processes, the quality of materials going into the process affect how and what you manufacture, as well as the quality of what you produce. In many cases, you will not know what you can produce until you determine the quality of the raw materials coming into the plant. Also, the number of SKU's can explode based on the multitude of packaging variations demanded by the marketplace. In most software packages, this can result in an unmanageable number of "Bills of Material".

Optimization Engine for CPG industry not only takes into account these unique requirements, it handles them in the most convenient manner for you. And the planning and scheduling made by Optimization Engine for CPG industry takes into account all your constraints and business priorities. That is why many of the reputed businesses rely on our solution.

Optimization Engine to your rescue:

Optimization Engine for CPG industry fromTM GoldenEmbryo Technology is a readymade tool for the CPG industry’s needs of production and inventory planning, scheduling & optimization. It can not only help you achieve the goals mentioned above, it will help you to reduce your manufacturing lead times substantially. Using Optimization EngineTM you can do scenario analysis, profitability analysis, product mix analysis, achieve capable to promise functionality and many more benefits.